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How to improve the overwear of conductive block by wire cutting

West Aluminum - West Aluminum Aluminum Industry Telecom: when the aluminum material is processed, the wire cutting conductive block will be seriously worn. What is the way to reduce the transition wear of wire cutting conductive block? How to improve the excessive wear of the conductive block?
In view of the above problems, there are three main methods to improve:
One: reasonable matching of pulse electric parameters
In the numerical control high speed WEDM, a wider pulse width is prone to produce larger alumina or surface alumina particles. Smaller pulse interval also produces larger particles. The electrode wire is very easy to adhere to these larger processing particles, which has a great negative effect on the processing. By increasing the value of the unloaded voltage of the pulse current, reducing the width of the pulse and increasing the gap of the pulse, the possibility of sticking to the electrode wire can be reduced.
Second: the requirements for the working fluid
The working fluid water solution currently used as high-speed CNC WEDM, the conventional configuration is 1..10, processing of aluminum material is 3.8. to maintain a clean working solution to work effectively, use sponge to avoid water inflow, maintain the smooth flow of working fluid, reduce the adhesion. Regular wash sponge.
Third: operation skills
A sponge can be added to the back end slot of the line frame, and the high-speed reciprocating electrode wire can be rubbed through the sponge to reduce the jitter of the electrode wire, so as to ensure the normal power of the power supply.

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