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Reasons and solutions for producing false joints of aluminum alloy profiles

  West Aluminum - West Aluminum Aluminum Industry Telecom: surface of the artificial joint, often encountered in the production process of aluminum surface scratch, surface mechanical lines, black hands, concave surface phenomenon, serious problems of weld, Aluminum Alloy profiles profiles after surface treatment appear black belt or serious color difference and make the products scrapped, causing irreparable damage. The bonding force is lower because the extrusion pressure is too low, resulting in Aluminum Alloy extrusion factors of low pressure factors on the mold also has technology. Aluminum Alloy extrusion temperature and extrusion speed of aluminum high temperature is conducive to the diffusion of metal binding, but also lead to metal bonding die phenomenon intensified, at the same time, high temperature, and cause metal tissue grain growth and growth speed, which will make the weld microstructure. The extrusion speed is too high, the metal deformation work increases, and the metal temperature increases greatly. In addition, the extrusion temperature is too high, the extrusion pressure will be reduced, and thus the welding force is reduced. As a matter of fact, when graphite products are used as out slip and contact with graphite, the profiles are easily oxidized with black bands.
The failure of hot extrusion die for aluminum alloy profiles is mainly caused by fracture, wear, erosion corrosion, overheating and thermal fatigue cracks. The lubrication conditions of the die have a great influence on the life of the die. In the extrusion process of aluminum and aluminum alloy, lubricant is also needed to reduce friction between metal and extrusion cylinder wall, perforated needle and mold surface, reduce adhesion between them and die wear.
In the past, due to the restriction of technological factors such as the development of new materials, improper use of lubricants often resulted in surface contamination of products, and lubricants may enter the center of products, forming a more obvious "extrusion shrinkage". Therefore, in the extrusion of aluminum and aluminum alloy bars and profiles, the "non lubricated extrusion" has been used for many years. In the extrusion of pipe and hollow aluminum alloy profiles, only the surface of the die surface and the perforated needle are lubricated. In recent years, countries around the world in order to be extruded aluminum alloy profile extrusion machine is large and complex pressure limited, at the same time in order to improve the speed of extrusion and extrusion microstructure is uniform, the extrusion method has been studied widely, and because in the mould structure, lubricant research breakthrough extrusion method has been greatly developed, made JONYE high temperature lubricant.
Especially for aluminum in hot extrusion process, welding quality, die working will be scratch problems such as spraying JONYE high temperature lubricant, can prevent rust belt surface under the condition of normal temperature, long time warm-up period can protect work surface without decarburization and oxygen, maintaining the original hardness with the surface of the work, not soft and soft belt, Aluminum Alloy extrusion can increase the lubrication between the mold and the reduction of friction between the mold and the mold, to avoid arrest and collapsed, make production more smoothly and reduce the welding quality problems, reduce wavelet lines, improve product smoothness, preventing adhesion, avoid sticking stick, aluminum, reduce repair mold number extendingmold time.

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