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Aluminum alloy aluminum surface anodic oxidation coloring processing technology sharing

West Aluminum - West Aluminum Aluminum Industry: the anodic oxide film of aluminum has a large number of holes, with strong surface adsorbability and hand touch. In order to improve the anti - pollution and corrosion resistance of the oxide film, sealing is a necessary step. The sealing holes of the anodic oxide film of aluminum mainly include two kinds of hot sealing and cold sealing. At present, the cold sealing holes are basically used in our country. With the increase of the thickness of the film and the improvement of the sealing quality. The consumption of cold sealing agent for each ton of aluminum profiles increased from 0.8 to 1.2kg to 1.5 ~ 2.0kg. Nickel fluoride is the main component of the current cold sealing agent, so the quality of the nickel fluoride determines the quality of the cold sealing agent. The influence of the impurities such as iron, zinc and copper in nickel fluoride is not obvious in the new slot solution, but after a period of production, the quality of the sealing hole is difficult to guarantee.

The pH value of the cold sealing hole was considered to be 5.5 to 6.5, and in fact, it should be determined according to the formula characteristic of the cold sealing agent. The pH value of the new distribution tank is generally 5.3 to 7. However, for ammonium fluoride or ammonium fluoride, the pH value should be controlled at 6.5 to 7.1. At this time the sealing speed is fast, the consumption of fluorine is less, and the phenomenon of "white head" does not appear. The ammonium ion in the sealing groove is not easy to powder than sodium ion, but the sealing speed is slower. In order to ensure the quality of sealing, the main points of the process are as follows:

(1) the anodic oxidation temperature is generally less than 23 DEG C, high temperature, cold sealing agent consumption, "green surface".

(2) after anodizing, it should be washed in time, and the subsequent sealing should be affected in the oxidation tank. It is easy to cause fluid pollution and increase the consumption of fluorine in the sealing groove.

(3) the aluminum and aluminum shedding in the sealing groove should be taken out in time, otherwise the rise of pH and the consumption of fluorine will be accelerated.

(4) sealing groove with ammonium fluoride fluoride transfer, per cubic meter by 20t aluminum, should be a clear bottom trough.

(5) the sealing groove of fluorine fluoric acid is used to be produced after adding 5 ~ 10min, and it is better to be added in the form of 10% dilute solution.

(6) in order to improve the sealing quality and speed up the drying speed, after cold sealing, it is recommended that 55 + 5 C hot water be washed 10 ~ 15min, also called cold sealed hole after treatment.

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