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Analysis of three large waste materials produced by electroplating on aluminum surface treatment

West Aluminum - West Aluminum Aluminum Industry Telecom: 1. Waste water
In the process of electroplating, the surface treatment of aluminum is a hot and hot material which has a larger emission and a direct impact on the environment. The process of electroplating MIL-A-8625 process, involving many procedures, and each procedure to be used in a variety of cooking chemicals, each procedure must be cleaned in order to enter the next process. This makes electroplating waste not only a large amount, but also complex components, often contains a variety of harmful substances, direct emissions will cause pollution to the environment. Some of them are long-term and difficult to eliminate. For example, all kinds of heavy metals will accumulate in water and accumulate in the body. Once a certain concentration is reached, it will cause harm, but once it is harmful, it will be difficult to exclude. Japan in 1970s, because of the heavy metal cadmium pollution caused by rice, people around the food where rice, drinking water there, the results were a pain disease, all patients with pain, and the bones brittle and easily broken. Even the cat because of her broken leg often fell into the river, is said to be "the cat Dutch act". Since then, cadmium plating has become a severely restricted plating.
2. Exhaust gas
The exhaust gas generated in the process of electroplating aluminum anodic oxidation is the main steam pretreatment process of acid mist, alkali fog and heating. It is also the precipitated gas containing liquid foam from the cathode gas evolution in the electroplating process.
All kinds of acid and alkali fog mainly cause pollution to the operating environment, which directly harm the skin and nasopharynx of the workers. Some of the surrounding environment can also cause pollution, causing trees to die. The gas with chrome plating is more serious, because the current efficiency of chromium is only about 12%, a large number of hydrogen to the chrome fog became serious pollutants laosuan. The current development of trivalent chromium plating and the research and development of chrome plating are to eliminate the special plating of chromium plating.
Cyanide plating, such as cyanide copper plating, cyanide zinc plating, cyanide silver plating, and other precipitated gases are toxic. In the case of substitution technology and technology, no cyanide plating process should be carried out.
3. Waste residue
The waste residue produced in the process of aluminum oxidation and coloring plating is mainly composed of heavy metal salts, which are precipitated in the separation sedimentation tank after the treatment of wastewater. Directly in the production process of electroplating waste includes anode slime, plating cylinder, foot rack, wire and abandon of polishing dust Recyclable garbage.
Settling sludge is more troublesome because it contains a variety of metal ions.
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