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What is the advantage of the integration of aluminum alloy window gauze?

West Aluminum - West Aluminum Aluminum Industry Telecom:One is in the window Aluminum Alloy doors and windows on the basis, in order to improve the performance of the anti-theft window mosquito, which launched a series of aluminum doors and windows. It has all the advantages of ordinary bridge Aluminum Alloy doors and windows, with good sound insulation effect, the high level of the water tightness and air tightness, is also anti theft. The double open new way, into the room can open the mosquito net steel anti-theft door, hollow glass fan to open outdoor insulation, so as to achieve the perfect Home Furnishing experience.

Analysis of the advantages of window yarn:
1. Heat insulation and heat insulation
The insulation material inside and outside the frame with soft frame adopts three EPDM rubber strips, closed tight airtight, watertight performance excellent, excellent thermal insulation properties; window with hollow glass structure, the window shows the sound insulation, heat insulation, functional excellence, save a lot of heating and cooling costs, energy costs in recent years to make up for the pre investment.
2, waterproof function
Using the principle of pressure balance to design a structure drainage system, set up drainage port, drainage unimpeded, good water tightness.
3, anti dew frost
The broken bridge aluminum doors and windows can be realized in three sealing structure, a reasonable separation of water vapor chamber, the successful implementation of gas pressure balance, while improving the doors and windows of the water tightness and air tightness, doors and windows to the bright window of the net effect.
4. Noise reduction and sound insulation
The structure was designed tight joints, the amount of air noise to noise 30--40db, can guarantee the Highway 50 meters on both sides of the residents is not affected by noise interference, adjacent to downtown can ensure the quiet and warm room.
5. Design of screen window
Invisible screens, can choose the installation and use of inside and outside, with anti mosquito, flies, cockroaches and other effects, especially for the northern and southern mountainous areas can also choose the mosquito, anti-theft screen, with anti-theft function.

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