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Microsoft announced the introduction of a mouse with aluminum buttons and rollers

West Aluminum - West Aluminum Aluminum Industry Telecom: Microsoft recently announced the launch of Surface Precision mouse, which provides wired and wireless connections, so when users connect through micro USB cable, it will automatically match. Interestingly, users can match it with more than three PC, so users can work seamlessly on all devices.
Microsoft announced the introduction of Surface Precision mouse with aluminum buttons and rollers
The Surface Precision mouse side has three buttons on the side, and the user can set up any needs, such as starting a program, executing a macro, or saving a document. Unfortunately, this customization and multi device support are not available on Windows 10 S. Of course, this is often the problem of Windows 10 S, because the software attached to these drivers cannot work normally on Windows 10 S when the driver is working. Obviously, Microsoft has not yet provided these software in Windows Store to solve this problem.
The Surface Precision mouse is also designed for comfort, consistent with the ergonomics, and is durable, with aluminum buttons and roller wheels. Microsoft said that when designing the Surface Precision mouse, the designer carefully calculated the weight, stability and accuracy of Surface Precision Mouse. The Surface Precision mouse is currently available from us and Canada's Microsoft Store and Best Buy for $99, and will be shipped in November 16th.
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