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Commemorate the founding of the Communist Party of China 96th anniversary

The West Aluminum - West Aluminum Aluminum Industry: in June 15th, the telecommunications companies use their spare time to organize management of cadres and personnel in important positions and more than 20 people held the study (expand) will. To convey the spirit of the speech of the leaders of the learning company on carrying out the relevant work on the establishment of the Communist Party of China 96th anniversary, and the speech of the leaders at the economic activity analysis meeting, and to discuss how to strengthen the function management. At the same time, the participants watched the educational film "the big picture of clean government". The company stresses that the management should be strengthened and the management level should be improved. Two, we should continue to carry out comprehensive environmental improvement work in accordance with the requirements of "things to see the true nature, safety without hidden dangers". Three is to actively expand the market, prevention and control of operational risks, and strive to ensure that the "double half" goal. Four is to "clean culture month" as an opportunity to create a company health and safety, delicate gas is in the atmosphere. Five is to continue to deepen the "two learning and one do" learning education normalization institutionalized, with outstanding achievements to the party's birthday and 19 gifts.

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