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Greening the West aluminum, beautifying life

West Aluminum - West Aluminum aluminum industry telecommunications: the arrival of spring breeze, blowing green branches on the bud, blowing green grass on the ground, but also moved the enthusiasm of the West Aluminum people. Life lies in green, hope lies in green. In order to stimulate the West Aluminum love green and beautify the environment of emotion, create a beautiful work environment, enhance mutual cooperation between the team spirit, the company advocates themselves, cultivate seedlings, green environment, and build a better future.
April 12th, under the leadership of the company leadership, West Aluminum Industry Staff in various departments of planting trees, scene atmosphere, employees actively participate, cooperate with each other, had planted a small tree, under the light of hope, the interpretation of the best wishes of the heart. Every man has planted in the clear division of labor, some with a shovel digging into a soil, some trees, some uprooting weed...... In the beautiful spring, people who participated in the activities were happy, cheerful, energetic, even covered with mud, sweating profusely, hand grinding bubble, and no one gave up, constitute a natural and harmonious scenes of labor between the beautiful scenery.
Labor is the most glorious work, only to create a better life, cherish the love of labor personnel, work experience to create happiness. Through the voluntary tree planting activities, to stimulate the West Aluminum people cherish the greening, beautify the environment, cherish the environment, unity and cooperation, create a better home of the good emotion.


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