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Strengthening safety awareness of all staff with safety training education

West Aluminum West aluminum industry telecommunications: in order to further promote the implementation of the main responsibility of the company's safety production, improve the safety awareness of all employees. The West Aluminum Industry Limited by Share Ltd in October, arrange the safety training for a period of 24 hours for employees, the company middle-level cadres are safety education training for a period of 32 hours, focusing on the "production safety law" and relevant laws and regulations of safe production, safety responsibilities, safety management and safety of domestic and foreign advanced production management experience and the basic safety production technology, a major source of risk management and accident prevention, emergency rescue and treatment measures in response to the content of training, and with the domestic related major safety accident case education. In October 24th, the company full of safety examination, the examination results will determine the personnel qualification, to those who are not qualified vocational training.
The staff safety training to enhance the safety management level of the company, improve the staff's awareness of the work of production safety, production safety work of the company has played a significant role in promoting.

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