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The West Aluminum Industry anxious customers, make a number of specifications of high purity aluminu

The West Aluminum - West Aluminum Industry telecommunication: Recently, the West aluminum industry received a batch of high pure aluminum seamless orders, orders of various specifications, including 25*5 (mm) / 45*5 (mm) / Phi Phi Phi 90*5 (mm) / 165*45 (mm) / 200*12.5 (mm), and the quantitative specification is low, which is 25*5 (mm) and 45*5 (mm) by only a few tens of kilograms, and short delivery time, customer need this batch of product for equipment maintenance, this batch of products are mainly used in chemical industry and photovoltaic industry.
In customers are in urgent need of this batch of products under the condition of the West Aluminum Industry anxious customers, overcome all difficulties, in the shortest possible time for customers to make a batch of high purity aluminum seamless pipe.
Customers receive this batch of products, said on various aspects are very satisfied, also specially dispatched personnel expressed to the West Aluminum Industry thanks.

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