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Application domain description
The aluminum alloys used in the manufacture of petrochemical equipment are mainly 1xxx, 3xxx and 5xxx alloys because of their high corrosion resistance. Mostly 1070A, 10601050A, 10351200, 5A02, 5A03, 5A05, 5A063003
The typical petrochemical container: liquefied natural gas storage tank, liquefied petroleum gas storage tank, concentrated nitric acid storage tank, storage tank of ethylene glycol, acetic acid and acetic anhydride storage tank, storage tank, storage tank of formaldehyde, formalin tank, nitrate absorption tower, bleaching tower, tower decomposition, benzoic acid distillation pot.
The main structural parts of the above window are mostly made of pure aluminium, industrial high-purity aluminum and antirust Al - mg alloy. Due to the different working pressure and temperature of the equipment, different materials should be selected. For example, low pressure (30MPA) or atmospheric pressure corrosion window should be made of industrial pure aluminum 1060 and 1050A, while the high pressure room at normal temperature or low temperature windows are made of antirust aluminum alloy 5A02, 5A03,5A05,5A06 alloy.
The spherical aluminium alloy tank on a liquefied natural gas carrier is welded with 5083 alloy.
The tower of the chemical fertilizer plant is made of 1A85 aluminum plate.
An aluminum alloy tube used in the transportation of natural gas and oil; a seamless seamless tube. Alloy: 1070A, 3003, 300360616063. - the United States and other countries as well as 508350866070 and 6351 alloy tube.