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Application domain description
Metal packing material is one of the traditional packing materials. The metal container from the temporary storage of articles contained in the function, evolved into today's food cans, beverage containers, packaging and transportation, from production to circulation and consumption formed floating container, into the long-term preservation of the contents, it can be said that the metal has brought great change and progress to human daily life.
The application of aluminum packing material develops very fast, and has many varieties. It is widely used in packaging, transporting, packing and selling packaging of industrial products, mainly because of the following characteristics of aluminum packaging materials:
1 、 the mechanical properties of aluminum packaging materials are excellent and the strength is high. Therefore, the aluminum packing container can be made into a packing container with thin wall, high compressive strength and not easy to be damaged. This guarantees the safety of the packaging products and facilitates storage, carrying, transportation, loading and unloading and use.
2, aluminum packaging materials processing performance, processing technology mature, continuous, automated production. Aluminum packaging materials have good ductility and strength, can be rolled into the various thickness of sheet, foil, sheet metal stamping, rolling and stretching can be welded, packaging containers of many different shapes and sizes; can foil and plastic compound, so the metal in various forms can give full play to the excellent and comprehensive protection performance.
3 、 aluminum packing material has excellent comprehensive protection performance. Aluminum water vapor transmission rate is very low, completely opaque, can effectively avoid the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays. Its gas resistance, moisture resistance, shading and incense retention greatly exceed the plastic, paper and other types of packaging materials. Therefore, aluminum can maintain the quality of goods and shelf life for a long time, which is especially important for food packaging.
4, aluminum packaging materials with a special metal luster, but also easy to print decoration, so that the appearance of luxury goods rich, beautiful and marketable. In addition, aluminum foil is an ideal brand material.
5, aluminum packaging materials are repeatable, recyclable, from environmental protection, it is ideal green packaging materials.
Aluminum as a packaging material, usually made of aluminum plate, aluminum block and aluminum foil, and aluminum film. Aluminum is usually used as materials or materials can lid; used in the manufacture of aluminum block extrusion molding and the ironing tank; aluminum foil is usually used to do moistureproof packaging or making composite materials and packaging etc..