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Application domain description
Aluminum is used in agriculture, mainly in the manufacture of barns, greenhouses, agricultural machinery, food processing machinery, tools and containers, etc..
The advantages of aluminum alloy granary storage are: high corrosion resistance, stable storage temperature, light weight, easy installation, pest control and moisture resistance. The metal consumption can be reduced by 1/3-6/7, and the basic workload can be greatly reduced. The aluminum alloy granary is especially suitable for humid and rainy areas.
Compared with the traditional reinforced concrete barn construction, labor intensity of construction Aluminum Alloy granary fell 19/20, concrete and steel consumption was reduced by 4/5 - 9/10, infrastructure investment can be reduced by 1/2-2/3, in situ construction in grain producing areas, not by Hou and soil constraints.
The former Soviet Union in 1981 built a batch of aluminum alloy barn, diameter 6M, high 11M, can store 1500T grain, every ton of grain with aluminum quantity is 10-12KG, 5 workers less than 100H can be installed. The warehousing of food, storage and temperature control are of mechanization and automation.
Spray irrigation aluminium pipe
The development of agricultural irrigation is the first to develop the ground and permanent underground network which can be demolished rapidly. A large number of corrosion resistant and lightweight aluminum pipes are needed.
The grades of aluminium and aluminium alloy used in milk pipes and milking machines are 10351050A and 3003.
At present, some countries are interested in the use of aluminum alloy to produce grain harvesters, potato picking machines and other agricultural machinery sorting devices, because they can significantly reduce the power consumption to overcome the inertial force. Tests have proved that the surface separation equipment made of aluminum instead of steel is not only light and beautiful, but also durable, and the economic benefits are good.
Aluminum is also widely used in greenhouse construction, fertilizer transport vehicles, refrigerated trucks, livestock vehicles, bulk flour cars, and so on.