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Application domain description
The main aluminum materials used in electronic home appliances include aluminum series for household appliances, aluminum alloy used in the electronics industry and aluminum series for the power industry. Products are used for bus, wiring, conductors, electrical components, refrigerators, air conditioning, cables and so on.
Aluminum shell, surface treatment effect and various forms, such as high light, wire drawing, Matt and other effects, and anodized and color treatment, or etching, spraying a variety of pattern effects, and so on.
Aluminum alloy material has a variety of processing options, but also bring great innovation space for electronic products. The aluminum alloy material has many forms, may be the aluminum plate, the section bar, the casting and so on, the processing form may be the ramming, the extrusion, the cutting processing, the shape and so on, has satisfied greatly the shape, the structural design multiplicity request.
The smaller the size of consumer electronics, the concern is that the heat generated by electronic components cannot be exported quickly. In addition to the traditional radiator parts, aluminum alloy can be used for shell design, heat dissipation, etc. through innovative design.
Typical applications of aluminum in communication are examples of various antennas and waveguides
With the advent of the information era, the world launched thousands of satellite broadcasting, communications satellites, meteorological satellites, on the ground to receive the satellite from the back wave receiving device is made of aluminum with parabolic antenna, parabolic antenna tracking satellites, for communication satellite telephone, television, fax, data processing, communications satellite parabolic antenna communication services, antenna for aircraft landing navigation.
Most of these antennas are made of 6063 alloy extrusions and 5A02 alloy plates.
The two alloys are mainly characterized by light weight, good corrosion resistance, good conductivity and proper strength.
Aluminum will be used more and more in this area.
Domestic TV sets and ultra high antennas are made of 5A02 alloy welded tubes and industrial pure aluminum tubes.
Television broadcasting and aircraft for microwave band, the use of waveguide, usually made of rectangular cross-section tube. Waveguide materials require good electrical conductivity, corrosion resistance, machinability and weldability. They can be used as 1050A, 30036063 alloy extrusions. Chromate anodizing or coating is required prior to use.