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The purpose of the Communist Party of Chinese
The purpose of the Chinese Communist party. The fundamental purpose of the Communist Party of China is to serve for the people. The general programme stipulates: "the Chinese Communist Party to serve the people wholeheartedly. Apart from the working class and the interests of the masses, not their own special interests, the partyat any time to the interests of the masses in the first place, with the masses, keep close contact, does not allow any member from the masses, above the masses. The party to implement the mass line in their work, everything for the masses, all rely on the masses,from the masses, to the masses, the party's correct views into the conscious action ofthe masses." This is the fundamental purpose of the party, the integrity of scientific expression.
Huang Danhua on the central enterprises in the construction of learning party organization
Source: SASAC time:2012-05-18
"Only when" no "completed" -- deputy director of SASAC, Party committee memberHuang Danhua on the central enterprises in the construction of learning party organization
Adhere to promote the scientific development level of central enterprises as the basic goal, to grasp the construction of learning leadership is the key to grass-roots party members and cadres, learning and training, give full play to the central enterprise party organization, the political core role of grassroots organizations fighting force vanguard and exemplary role of Party members, improve the ideological and political quality andservice quality...... In recent years, the SASAC central enterprises to guide theconstruction of learning party organization for infrastructure projects, and comprehensively promote the construction of the central enterprise party, made a series of new progress and new achievements, to enhance the core competitiveness ofcentral enterprises, promote stronger and better play an important role in promoting.Recently, this reporter interviewed the deputy director of SASAC, Party members Huang Danhua
Reporter: in the domestic and international situation is undergoing profound changes,which is facing the new situation and new tasks of the party construction work to further promote the central enterprises? Which proposed new requirements of central enterprises in the construction of learning party organization?
Huang Danhua: central enterprises of state-owned economy is the backbone of the central enterprise party construction work is an important part of the construction of our party. Since the establishment of the SASAC, a lot of new exploration of central enterprise party construction, enterprise party organization's creativity, cohesion and fighting capacity has been enhanced, has made remarkable achievements in the play the role of political core, service center, unite the masses of workers, promote the scientific development of enterprises.
However, we have a clear understanding of the trend, continue to deepen, the impact of the international financial crisis intensified under the background of economic globalization, the Enterprise Inc of the shareholding system reform and the establishment of modern enterprise system, the new requirements of "going out" to participate in the international competition of the new features, new changes in the ranks of Party members and staff ideas, interests, to the central enterprise party construction work put forward new problems and new requirements and new challenges.
In this case, major theoretical and practical questions require us to build the reform of enterprise research and innovation spirit of the party's face, we urgently need to buildenterprise party organizations at all levels to become a learning type party organization,to enhance the cohesion and battle effectiveness of the party organization and creativity, to further improve the scientific level of Party building. To strengthen the construction of learning party organization, adhere to the correct direction of central enterprises reform and development, earnestly fulfill economic responsibility, political responsibility and social responsibility, to do a good job of central enterprises as our historical mission, unswervingly and confidently develop the state-owned economy,consolidate and develop the public sector of the economy, not for any risk fear is not confused by any interference.
Reporter: central enterprises to promote the construction of learning party organization,is the realization of "1025" reform and development goals and the powerful motive forceto improve enterprise management. In the full implementation of the "Twelfth Five Year"planning process, the central enterprises how to strengthen the construction of learningparty organization in practice goal into reality?
Huang Danhua: central enterprises reform and development "1025" core objective is summed up "stronger, world class". In March this year, the central enterprises will be fully launched a two-year management improvement activities, its purpose is to enhance the enterprise management level, to cultivate world-class enterprises to lay a solid foundation. These goals requires the central enterprises through the promotion of the construction of learning party organization, to further strengthen the learning leadership, the construction of learning oriented enterprises, guide enterprises toleadership, leading cadres to learn new ideas, new knowledge, new experience, in-depth analysis of complex international and domestic situation facing enterprises, pay close attention to the trend of market and macroeconomic environment changes in policy, actively respond to and resolve the difficulties of risk, efforts to enhance planning development, promote the development, optimize the development ability.
Reporter: to promote the construction of learning party organization to develop in depth,the central enterprises will highlight what characteristics and requirements?
Huang Danhua: central enterprises in the construction of learning party organizationperformance in the main features, one is closely linked with practice, enterprise development theme. All enterprises to accelerate the transformation of development mode, solve the problem of reform and development, promote the scientific development level, as to promote the construction of learning type party organizationfocus and goal, and strive to learning achievements into ideas, measures and ability to promote the scientific development of the enterprise. The two is to seize the fundamental, enhance ideological and political quality of cadres. For example, ChinaAerospace Science and industry group organized the party members and the sense of purpose of theme education activities; Chinese Guodian, Chinese Three GorgesCorporation and other enterprises to actively carry out the "donation promotion" activities, these features, effective learning activities, to deepen the understanding ofthe party's theoretical innovation achievements of enterprise of the party members and cadres, firmly adhere to "consciousness of the two unwavering" policy and China's basic economic system, enhance the enterprise development, the growth of the national economy's confidence and determination.
Reporter: the next stage of the central enterprises to further promote the central enterprises of building a learning party what ideas and plans?
Huang Danhua: central enterprises learning party organization is a long-term andimportant strategic task, only "when", not "complete". The next step, the centralenterprises in the construction of learning party organization, one should pay more attention to the ideological and theoretical construction, in the mind, the practice ofwork, grasp the Party (party) the learning center leading group, the leading role of leading cadres to play, first make oneself an example, promote the standardization oflearning system. Two more to highlight the characteristics of practice, the study as a fundamental way to enhance skills, promote the work, the focal point and foothold of the reform and development of enterprises in the crack problem, the effect really reflects topromote the scientific development of enterprises, accelerate the transformation of development mode. Three, we should pay more attention to the leadership of the organization, in the establishment of a sound long-term mechanism to work on.
The nature of the Chinese Communist Party
The nature of Chinese Communist Party: by China the Seventeenth Congress of the Communist Party "Chinese" of the constitution of the Communist Party, the nature of the party China expressed as: the Communist Party is the vanguard of the working classChinese, at the same time is Chinese people and the vanguard of the Chinese nation, is the core of leadership for the cause of socialism China characteristics, Chinarepresenting the requirements of the development of the advanced productive forces,representing China direction of advanced culture, represent the fundamental interestsof the overwhelming majority of the people China.
With the responsibility to produce excellent
A good activities, our party members and cadres have flashed identity, showed thespecial skill, do practical things for the people, a good thing. However, a few Party members and cadres that the Organization Department of the party's work, to carry outchuangxianzhengyou activity is not enthusiastic, active, passive activities. The author believes that the mood and state of mind, or simply lack of sense of responsibility.
The so-called responsibility, small is a kind of life attitude of yourself and others, to the family and the collective must fulfill their obligations, it is a big bear civil responsibility forthe state and society. It is a promise, a character, is also a kind of self-cultivation. There is a sense of responsibility, so as not to fear difficulties, the courage to stir up the burden. With a strong sense of responsibility of Party members and cadres, will take the job as the thing you should do, down to do, do a little work; responsible person, will work as a burden, do not muddle with one's duty, can do, can doing the minimum.
A celebrity once said: "like water, air, responsibility is as important as food." It reinforces the importance of responsibility, in a person's life, the importance in the cultivation of personal qualities in. Chuangxianzhengyou activity is to let the Party cadres with their own name and responsibility, is required every party members and cadres should bemore of a sense of responsibility than ordinary people, more of a dedicated heart, a little coring, with a high degree of responsibility, strict work attitude and pragmatic workstyle, stand on solid ground to do a good job.
Each party members and cadres, should always reflect on their own words and deeds,truly for the party, responsible for the organization of the masses, responsible for family and relatives. Only in this way, chuangxianzhengyou activities to achieve results.
The process of chuangxianzhengyou is a process of learning
In the party's grassroots organizations and Party members in chuangxianzhengyouactivity has already started. Ensure chuangxianzhengyou activities to achieve the desired objectives, it is necessary to solve the problem of a good power, but also to solve the problem of a good ability. The creation of advanced grass-roots party organizations, striving to be the outstanding communist party member, its power comes from theory of consciousness and responsibility; ability depends on their quality and work level. Both of which are closely related with the learning process,chuangxianzhengyou is the first study.
Chuangxianzhengyou, an important requirement is the construction of learning party organization with remarkable results. The learning party organization is constantly learning, good at learning, the learning party organization as the basic characteristics of the "learning" is the theme of building a learning party organization. The construction of learning oriented party organization, focusing on the study. Only to strengthen learning,strengthen the construction of Party members and cadres, improve their theoretical knowledge and the ability to work, chuangxianzhengyou have a solid foundation.
To enhance learning, is become a basic requirement for an outstanding communist.Striving to be the outstanding communist party member, a model to fulfill the obligations prescribed in the constitution, efforts to achieve "five take the lead". The "five lead" in the first place is to take the lead in learning to improve. Seriously study the theory of socialism with China characteristics, to further strengthen the ideals and beliefs; to learn scientific and cultural knowledge and business knowledge, become the work of expert.Without learning, to become an excellent member of the Communist Party can only be empty talk.
In depth a good activities to enhance learning, we should strengthen the study of science theory. Whether it is the creation of advanced grass-roots party organizationsor striving to be the outstanding communist party members and cadres, are required tohave a higher theoretical level, a firm belief. To focus on improving the theoretical levelof the party members and cadres, conscientiously study Marx Lenin's thought, Deng Xiaoping, Mao Zedong theory, "Three Represents" important thought and Scientific Outlook on Development, position, viewpoint and method to grasp the Marx doctrine,and continuously improve the ability to use the scientific theory analysis, solve practical problems.
In depth a good activities to enhance learning, to optimize the knowledge structure,improve the professional knowledge level efforts. The world today is undergoing greatchange period, modern science and technology change rapidly, knowledge creation,knowledge update is greatly accelerated, as a party member, especially to become anoutstanding Party member, must constantly update their knowledge, optimize theirknowledge structure, otherwise, will fall behind the times. Party members and cadres to study hard in the modern market economy, modern science and technology, moderninternational relations, modern management knowledge, understand and grasp thecontemporary economic, political, cultural reflection, social and other fields ofdevelopment of new ideas, new progress, new achievements, grasp the pulse of the times, developing strategic thinking. Especially from the post needs, targeted learningnew knowledge, enrich the learning content, expand the breadth and depth of learning,and strive to become the industry expert.
Objective to carry out an important chuangxianzhengyou activity is give full play to the exemplary role of grassroots organizations fighting force and the Communist Party, in promoting scientific development, promote social harmony, serve the people,strengthen grassroots organizations in the actual implementation of organizational innovation, build up establishment, advanced Party members for outstanding, people get benefits. This requires learning and practice, to solve the problem truly learn in order to practise. Therefore, according to the actual work, the work of learning andpromoting the region, the Department, the unit together, constantly improve the use of scientific theory and the ability to solve practical problems, and strive to create a newsituation.
First, the guiding ideology
Hold high the great banner of socialism Chinese, adhere to the Marx doctrine, Leninthought, Deng Xiaoping theory, Mao Zedong Thoughts of "Three Represents", Scientific Outlook on Development as guidance, focus on maintaining the party's advanced nature and purity, pragmatic honest people as the main content, strengthen the mass line education of all members of Marx's view of the masses and the party, the eight regulations to implement the central spirit as a starting point, to further highlight style building, resolutely oppose formalism, bureaucracy, hedonism and wasteful, efforts tosolve the people the salient issues, improve the ability to do mass work under the new situation, to maintain close ties with the masses, play the party's close ties with the masses, to promote the sustained and healthy economic development, a comprehensive well-off society, realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese dreamChina strong guarantee.
Two, to follow the general requirements
"Mirror": mainly to the constitution as a mirror, the control of Party discipline, fromexpectations, advanced models, improved control requirements, in the sense of purpose, work style, self-discipline before, to find the gap, clear direction. "Dress up":mainly according to the people honest and pragmatic requirements, the courage to face up to the shortcomings and deficiencies, strict party discipline especially political discipline, dare to touch the idea, face contradictions, from ourselves, from now on,correct behavior, consciousness of the party spirit, the party is a positive obligation tomanage the party, tighten the law, to maintain a good image of the Communist party."Take a shower": Based on the rectification spirit of criticism and self-criticism, in-depth analysis of the reasons of the problems, the dust cleaning on the thinking and behavior,maintain Communist political qualities. "Cure": mainly to adhere to the principle ofdifference, mend his ways to save him, the situation, problems and work style of an antidote against the disease, the Party member cadre education to remind, serious problems for investigation, special treatment of unwholesome tendencies and problems.